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Record & automate tests faster

Proactively identify and prevent issues and regressions before they affect end-users, covering everything from the core features of your website to the accuracy of commercial offers in your app.
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Over 500 million tests executed daily by our clients in 25 countries
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Simple for newcomers,
full scriptable for experts

Validate manually or automatically all your digital services, creating your tests in no time : Click on « record » and browse your service. That's it, your test is ready.

Automate all your tests, make complex multi-channel combinations and get meaningful results, all within the same platform.
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Assess the true user
experience quality

Synthetic testing stands out by spotting user-side issues that other testing methods often overlook. By simulating real interactions in real conditions (devices, browsers, networks), it provides an accurate reflection of the end users' experience.

Whether complementing other testing tools or used standalone, this approach smartly empowers QoS management, helping avoid common issues like false positives.

Simulate complex
multi-channel journeys

In today’s digital ecosystems, customer experience goes beyond single app or website interactions. That's why kapptivate enables you to effortlessly integrate various channels into a single test, for true and complete QoE insight.
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Easy to deploy
Full GDPR compliant
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How did Orange speed up time-to-market x10 using kapptivate?

"Kapptivate robots enable the automation of a wide range of use cases on mobile applications and websites. Thanks to these robots, we automate all our non-regression tests (TNR). Using kapptivate, we reduce the tests’ execution time and improve the tests’ quality. Finally, our project time to market is now better."

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Aïcha Benabdellah
Senior Manager at DSSI ORANGE MAROC

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Mobile Money companies
Insurance companies
Insurance companies
Banks & Financial Services
Banks & Financial Services
Telecommunication operators
Telecommunication operators
Technology companies
Technology companies

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