Automated Test made it right

Are you tired of manually testing your mobile app on multiple devices and platforms? You are at the right place. With our solution, you will automate your tests in no-time and save days and days of manual and error-prone testing.


Effortlessly automate your testing with our no-code test solutions


Use our No-Code Test recorder

Easily create automated tests for your website or application with our Synthetic Monitoring solution. Simply record your test steps and our system will do the rest.

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Enjoy Multi-Devices tests

Experience unparalleled testing capabilities with Kapptivate's cutting-edge Synthetic Monitoring solution. Simulate complex user scenarios using multiple devices, and seamlessly combine technologies such as API calls, mobile application testing, and browser testing all in one test. Forget the time you had to use 5 tools to do the same.


Powerful assertion system

Effortlessly verify the accuracy of your APIs, mobile applications, and websites with Kapptivate's assertion solution. Let your teams define what's important to test and make sure your digital assets are functioning as expected.

No-Code Test

All-in-one synthetic testing solution.

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Discover kapptivate test and monitoring solutions

Validate your user experience from the user perspective.

Discover kapptitest

Have a deep look at all your digital services whenever you want : get notified when it's needed.

Discover kapptimonitor

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