Test and monitor Mobile Money services

In the context of a global technological advancement in emerging countries, usage of Mobile Money services increased significantly.

To ensure that these critical services are secure, reliable and available for their users, Global Telecom Operators and Banks partnered with kapptivate. As of now, kapptivate's solution is used in more than 16 countries to test and monitor critical Mobile Money services 24/7. From USSD menus to Android mobile applications, Mobile Money providers need to make sure their customers have the best in class user experience on the market.

See uptime of Mobile Money Apps, USSD & SMS

At kapptivate, we understand the importance of having fully functional services while also being aware of their status at any time of the day. In response to these problematics, kapptivate created a complete set of tools designed to help you do active End-To-End testing and monitoring of these critical Mobile Money services from the point of view of your users. kapptivate's solution can be integrated during your project phases and during run phases.

Test your Mobile Money services across regions

Testing in one location is often not enough to make sure the user experience is great everywhere. Thanks to kapptivate solutions, you can test your Mobile Money services in multiple regions, on multiple networks for a multitude of different use cases.

Have a look at the true user experience of your Mobile Money App

By running tests H24 on Android and iOS devices, organisations will have the best KPIs and insights regarding the real user experiences of their Mobile Money applications. Mobile Money service providers will see how long it takes for their application to launch, to display a balance, to transfer money etc.

QoE for Mobile Money unlock key insights to improve your customers satisfaction

Once the QoE of your mobile money is under kapptivate supervision, you will benefit from all the key KPIs to really propose the best service on the market and win previous customers.

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