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We detect in real-time any glitch, on all your digital assets, from the user perspective, without any user information.

And we just happen to do it right.

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This is how you b u i l d m o n i t o r t e s t   a n d   v a l i d a t e

Kapptivate kapptitest product

Test & validate your services anytime, anywhere.

Validate manually or automatically all your digital services from basic features to commercial offer accuracy.

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One platform to rule all the tests

Validate all your digital services from all around the world, whatever the channel.

Improve your time to market

Automate all your tests, reduce your testing phase from weeks to hours.

Test from the end-user perspective

Review your services on real devices and on real networks.

Create your tests in no time

Click on “record” and browse your service. That’s it, your test is ready.

Kapptivate kapptimonitor product

Make sure all your critical services are running ok.

Have a deep look at the functionning of all you digital services, whenever you want and get notifiy when needed.

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Best in class synthetic monitoring

Monitor your services based from the end user perspective whatever the channel is.

Enriched with passive monitoring

Complete your monitoring with metrics from your infrastructure and applications.

Be alerted in no-time

Detect issues before your customers.

Meaningful custom analytics

Click on “record” and browse your service. That’s it, your test is ready.

Kapptivate kapptibuild product

Push new digital experience to your customers.

Enrich existing apps with new features and instantly deliver new services.

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Easily deliver innovation with no coding skills

Play with the no-code blocks and create new digital services.

Provide smart targeted contents

Make your contents smart to provide the right message.

Immediate hand delivery to your users

Make your services available immediately with no user action.

Make your new service available for everyone

Address all you customers whatever the device they use.

We are designed
to help you deliver
infaillible user s a t i s f a c t i o n


24/7 monitoring of all your digital assets


Real-time detection of any glitch on all your customer journey


Automated alerting of your teams

120 000

of development

200 000 Millions

tests played per year


countries covered

500 000 Millions

users covered

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your digital world ?

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