How to test and monitor your USSD & SMS services ?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a wonderful technology which is changing the life of many people. Services providers and Telecom Operators need to make sure their USSD menus are always up and running to prevent any loss of revenue and image.
Kapptivate - How to test and monitor your USSD & SMS services ?

Without an access to the internet or mobile data, end users can still use innovating services like Mobile Banking, Topup, Recharge, Facebook, Twitter or check their account while in roaming.

SMS are also heavily used for user notification, marketing campaigns, two factor authentication, 3D secure payment verification but also to pay for goods. More and more services are built on those technologies but it is still tremendously complicated to test those services and to measure their quality (performances, uptime etc.).

With kapptiTest and kapptiMonitor solutions, you will be able to setup complete end-to-end test scenarios for USSD and SMS services in just a few steps.

Automatic verification of USSD menus

Thanks to kapptivate unique technologies, you will be able to test in real time that all your USSD services can be accessed, have a proper wording and don't have any encoding issues. Our solutions will continuously dial your USSD short codes on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G and verify the response.

Kapptivate - Automatic verification of USSD menus

Detailed reports of USSD and SMS performances

Thanks to the test reports, USSD services providers can track their USSD menus regressions, performances and wording over time. Warning are issued when slight differences of text are detected by kapptivate tests.

Kapptivate - Detailed reports of USSD and SMS performances

Check SMS notification reception time

Our unique cross-technologies platform enable new possibilities for your use cases: start a USSD session, wait for a SMS notification, verify it's content and encoding, make sure the SMS was receive in less than a few seconds. USSD services providers never need to worry anymore about faulty SMS notifications

Kapptivate - Check SMS notification reception time

Full suite of KPIs to increase your USSD and SMS efficiency

All tests made on the kapptivate platform will generate key metrics for your USSD and SMS metrics like:

  • USSD availability
  • USSD response Time
  • SMS notification response time
  • SMS notification availability
Kapptivate - Full suite of KPIs to increase your USSD and SMS efficiency

Cross-technologies synthetic testing


H24 monitoring from multiple locations


Instant alerting when your tests break


Powerful analytics with our best in class dashboards

Answer the following questions:

  • What are the performances of my USSD or SMS services ?
  • What is the availability of my USSD menus ?
  • What is the user experience of SMS notifications ?
  • Are SMS notification received ?
  • How long does a USSD session takes to establish ?
  • Is there any issue with SMS encoding ?
  • How is my service compared to my competitors ?
  • How can I get a weekly report for all my critical USSD menus ?
  • Are USSD menus available in 3G and 4G ?
  • Does my USSD service works in multiple geographical regions ?

Key benefits

24/7 Service view

Quickly pinpoint the origin of issues even in complex environments.

Be alerted in no time

Prevent issues from getting out of hand thanks to ultra fast alerting.

Display historical views

Get an historical view of your services over one year.

Speed-up debugging

Find the root cause of issues in no time thanks to detailed reports.

Minimize downtime

Reduce incidents impact on your customers and partners.

Real time KPI follow-up

Follow the critical quality KPIs of your services simply.

Improve performance

Quickly identify performances degradation and solve theme.

Increase user satisfaction

Less downtime, less issues mean that your users will be happier with your services.

Integrate with existing tools

Integrate kapptivate monitoring with your existing monitoring stack.

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