Automated SMS testing

In today's fast-paced business environment, SMS messaging has become an essential communication channel for organizations of all sizes. With the increasing reliance on SMS messaging, it's crucial to ensure that your SMS messages are being delivered correctly and reaching the intended recipients.
Kapptivate - Automated SMS testing
Our advanced SMS testing tool offers the ultimate platform and solution for SMS testing, helping you maximize efficiency and streamline your SMS testing process. With our all-in-one SMS testing tool, you can easily test and verify the performance of your SMS messages, ensuring they are delivered correctly and on-time, every time.

Test real SMS delivery

Kapptivate is a powerful SMS testing tool that allows you to test the deliverability of your SMS messages in a real-world environment. Our platform uses real SIM cards connected to actual mobile networks to simulate the delivery of SMS messages, ensuring that your testing results are accurate and reliable.
Kapptivate - Test real SMS delivery

Check Sender ID, encoding, timestamp and more

Kapptivate offers a comprehensive SMS testing solution that goes beyond just testing deliverability. Our platform allows you to test various aspects of your SMS messages to ensure their optimal performance. With Kapptivate, you can easily test Sender IDs, verify that the encoding of your SMS messages is correct, and confirm that timestamps are accurate. Furthermore, Kapptivate also includes the ability to test multi-part SMS messages, ensuring that they are properly concatenated and delivered as intended.
Kapptivate - Check Sender ID, encoding, timestamp and more

Get performance KPIs for all your SMS routes

One of the key features of Kapptivate is the ability to generate detailed performance reports on your SMS messages. With Kapptivate, you can easily track key performance indicators such as send and delivery times, success ratio, and message delivery status for all of your SMS routes. These reports provide valuable insights into the performance of your SMS messages, allowing you to identify any potential bottlenecks or issues and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your SMS delivery.
Kapptivate - Get performance KPIs for all your SMS routes

SMS MO and MT testing


One platform for all SMS testing needs


Instant alerting when your tests break


Powerful analytics with our best in class dashboards

Some applications:

  • SMS testing for aggregators
  • Testing B2B marketing sms
  • Checking reception of OTP by SMS
  • Checking your A2P providers respects it's SLAs
  • Checking your SenderID are correct and using proper delivery routes
  • Benchmark the delivery across countries and telecom operators

Key benefits

24/7 Service view

Quickly pinpoint the origin of issues even in complex environments.

Be alerted in no time

Prevent issues from getting out of hand thanks to ultra fast alerting.

Display historical views

Get an historical view of your services over one year.

Speed-up debugging

Find the root cause of issues in no time thanks to detailed reports.

Minimize downtime

Reduce incidents impact on your customers and partners.

Real time KPI follow-up

Follow the critical quality KPIs of your services simply.

Improve performance

Quickly identify performances degradation and solve theme.

Increase user satisfaction

Less downtime, less issues mean that your users will be happier with your services.

Integrate with existing tools

Integrate kapptivate monitoring with your existing monitoring stack.

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