Reduce downtime and lousy experience in a unified and centralized
24/7 service monitoring solution

Evaluate the smooth operation of all your digital services from the customer’s perspective to your infrastructure, all in the same place.

2G, 3G, 4G

Fixed Lines



Voice Quality

Mobile Data

iOS Apps

Android Apps





Mobile Applications


It is time to get the right tools and be r e l a x

Analyze the performance of every service and network Telecommunication operators Check the availability of your services in real-time Track your services response time Detect incidents on your services and network Create unlimited customized dashboards Observe trands over months to define your services and infrastructure strategies

How does it work ?

kapptimonitor is a unique combination of hardware robots and a software platform. Thanks to the connection of real devices (sim card, smartphones, websites...) to robots, they can act like real users. Robots can then be placed in different locations, providing you the users services availability everywhere they are set up.


PDP Activation


TCP Ping


DNS Lookup

Download File

HTTP Upload

FTP Download

FTP Upload

Send mail

API Call

POokla Speedtest


USSD Command

Incident detection


For once it's good to have all your eggs in the same basket

  • dispatch your individual SIMs, real-devices and web agents to your different teams and workspaces
  • manage your geolocalized robots and their attached resources in comprehensive lists,
  • easily orchestrate the resources you deployed and receive automatic alerts on robots disconnection / connection.

We think m o n i t o r should be soothing


Unique platform for all your tests and devices


Multiple channel combination within the same test


Meaningful real-time data thanks to automatic tests.


Easy monitoring setup and Get tests reports.

See what they say about kapptiMonitor


"We have solutions that use robots, ensuring that we are constantly monitoring the network, and ensuring services are available from the huge demand of the customer base. ‍Some of the partners we have strategically collaborated are [...] and kapptivate for quality of experience, monitoring and testing."

Titilope Fakuade, CTIO at MTN LIBERIA


"Our journey with Kapptivate started in 2020 and so far the experience has been great. Per the testimony from my operations team, they are able to pick issues up as they are happening and they are able to react in time to restore customer experience.The support from the Kapptivate team has also been great, from test design to test configuration.We are also able to use the tool for regression test in a relatively short time with less hassle. Great experience so far."

Abdul Salam Fousseni, Senior Specialist IS Quality Assurance at MTN GHANA


"kapptivate is a major solution within SMC department. Not only using kapptivate allows us to improve our digital services’ performances but also it helps us becoming a staple actor in the global QoS thanks to the incident anticipation."

Patrick Kouakou, Monitoring and Quality of Service Manager at ORANGE CÔTE D’IVOIRE


"Mon rôle est de maintenir et d'améliorer les indicateurs de qualité de services (Voix, Data, SMS, USSD). Nous avons choisi kapptivate car c’est un outil qui nous permet de suivre les performances de nos services, de vérifier en temps réel l’état de notre réseau et qui nous aide à investiguer sur la résolution d’un problème. Nous l'utilisons également pour automatiser nos tests sur les services télécoms. Les bénéfices à utiliser kapptivate sont la supervision 24h/24h, la détéction des points à améliorer sur un service et l'alerting en temps réel. Enfin, nous apprécions travailler avec l’équipe kapptivate car elle fournit de l’aide sur un problème ou une investigation."

Heritoky Raoelinjaka, Ingénieur Service Performance chez TELMA MADAGASAR




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