Real-time dashboards and reports

Kapptivate dashboards and reports provide you with an overview of all your test results, key performance indicators, and assist you in monitoring your service level objectives and agreements.

Create reports with just clicks

With Kapptivate, creating powerful dashboards and reports is easy and intuitive. You can quickly and easily create custom dashboards using only clicks, drag-and-drop functionality, and simple data selectors. No coding or technical expertise is required, making it easy for anyone to start analyzing and visualizing their data in real-time.

Export in PDF or CSV

Kapptivate makes it easy to share your dashboards and reports with all stakeholders. With just a few clicks, you can export your data in CSV or PDF format, allowing you to share insights and analysis with your team, clients, or other stakeholders. This makes it easy to collaborate and make data-driven decisions.

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Automatically detect any anomalies before they affect users, 24/7 and get notified when needed.


Your QoS KPIs all in one place, visually intuitive and designed for collaboration.
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No-code builder

Build and deploy new features and user experiences in no time across all your services.