Impactful Alerting

Despite having the best safeguards in place, it is inevitable that a product or service will eventually malfunction. Kapptivate alerting is designed to notify you when this happens, so that your customers are not affected.

Get alerts based on test status...

Receive notifications based on the quantity of failed tests in a single location or multiple locations.

...or based on test performance

Kapptivate will also inform you when your app, API or web page becomes too slow.

Script your alerts when you need more

Take advantage of raw alerting capabilities by creating alerts based on threshold comparisons to last week's data or when a metric falls outside of its usual range.

Receive your alerts where you already are

Receive alerts through all the tools you already use, including SMS, Slack, Emails, and custom HTTP endpoints.
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Automatically detect any anomalies before they affect users, 24/7 and get notified when needed.


Your QoS KPIs all in one place, visually intuitive and designed for collaboration.
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No-code builder

Build and deploy new features and user experiences in no time across all your services.