How to test and monitor your USSD and SMS services ?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data ) is a wonderful technology which is changing the life of many people. Without an access to the internet or mobile data, end users can still use innovating services like Mobile Banking, Topup, Recharge or check their account while in roaming.

SMS (Short Message Service) are also heavily used for user notification, marketing campaigns, two factor authentication but also to pay for goods.

More an more services are built on those technologies but it is still tremendously complicated to test those services and to measure their quality (performances, uptime etc.).

With kapptivate testing and monitoring solutions, you will be able to setup complete end-to-end test scenarios for USSD and SMS services in just a few steps.

You will be able to answer the following questions:

  • What are the performances of my USSD service ?
  • What is the availability of my service ?
  • Is there any regression when I deploy a new version of my service ?
  • What it the current user experience of my ussd service ?


  • Check USSD services performances
  • Improve availability
  • Improve User Experience


  • Service Availability (%)
  • Service Response Time (sec)
  • Ussd error types (content)
  • Ussd Error type (%)


  • Topup / Recharge
  • Mobile Money
  • Call Me Back
  • Content services

Do you need to test a USSD & SMS based services ?

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