Automated tests with kapptivate Testing

A complete platform to test all your services


A cross technologies and services test runner.

kapptivate Testing is a complete, end-to-end platform allowing you to quickly validate your services behavior by running functional tests. It can analyze the results and give you an overview of the customer experience and performances of your services and applications.

With kapptivate testing, you can quickly pinpoint critical issues, identify regressions, find performances bottlenecks and ensure the customer experience is perfect.

kapptivate testing is a cross technologies platform: it empowers the teams with the possibility to test complex scenarios of VAS, web-services and Mobile Apps.

Cellular technologies

Test your services based on cellular technologies like USSD, SMS, Data (3/4G), Call…


Make sure yourr API behave like you designed it and returns the data it should returns

Mobile Application

Verify your mobile applications on real devices, through cellular or Wifi connection

Benefits to all teams at any projects phases

Who is responsible for delivering high quality services in your company ? Today the answser is: everyone. From developers who are responsible for shipping high quality code, testing teams who must validate services quality and operational teams who must make sure the service is always up and running. kapptivate Testing was designed to be use by all of them.

kapptivate Testing offers a number of avantages that can tremendously accelerate the efforts of any teams trying to create a great product.

In staging kapptivate testing is used by Project Managers, Product Managers and Developers who give a real importance to the user experience and quality of their products. In no time, they can validate all aspects of their services like User Experience, Performance, features functionalities.

In production, they will use kapptivate testing to make sure that all features are working fine during the rollout. They can even use the same tests in kapptivate Monitoring to monitor those services.

Welcome in the DevOps world!

Key features

kapptivate testing accelerates your rollouts, non-regression testing and qualification phases thanks to it’s great features.

Remote Access to real devices

Testing on real devices is the most important prerequisites to really get deep details on End-to-End services quality. kapptivate gives an instant access to real devices like SIM, mobile phones or servers deployed across your global infrastructure. You can now see exactly what your real users are experiencing.

Digest reports

kapptivate generates detailed reports of all actions performing during a test suite. You can then get a deep understanding of how your services behave and now in one glance what worked and failed. Use and abuse it for your QA testing, non-regression testing, troubleshooting…

Integrates with your Continuous Integration System

kapptivate can be integrated in your continuous inttegration system. Run end-to-end tests suites on real devices in different locations as part of your delivery process.

And many more…

Simple test creation

Test creation has never been more easier with kapptivate. You can record your test directly from the interface. You don’t need to know how to develop test scripts. Everything is automated.


Save all your tests centrally to reuse & share them easily with all your organization team members. Now, everyone can test a services even in parallel at the same time.

Custom Assertions

Define your success criteria by adding custom assertions. For instance: verify the value of a json attribute or verify the sender of a SMS.

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