End-to-end active and passive monitoring

Ensure your service are running 24/7, monitor your performances and SLA, measure the quality of experience of your service.

Monitor all your critical services 24/7

kapptivate Monitoring offers 24/7 measurement of the performance, availability and user experience of your services. The platform act like your end users do thus providing an in-depth view of the quality of services and quality of experience of your applications.

kapptivate monitoring combines both active and passive measures to propose the most accurate view of your services behavior. It gives the ability to your operational teams to have real time alerts notifications and exploitable data.

kapptivate monitoring will help you detect failures and correct them even before the end users can feel them.

API Monitoring

Verify that all your most critical API are responding correctly. Verify their status code, response time and content in no time.

Cellular Monitoring

Monitor your cellular services and applications using real handsets just like a customer. No scripting required.

Mobile Apps Monitoring

Test your mobile application on real devices deployed in your most important geographical locations.

Get a deep understanding of your services

Combine the power of kapptivate active monitoring with kapptivate passive monitoring metrics gathered by agent installed on your application servers.

Active Monitoring

kapptivate monitoring performs end user actions thanks to it’s powerful TestRunner and it’s robot simulating real customers. You can now monitor key transactions in your services.

Even better, the tests created in kapptivate testing can be reused in the monitorings. You can use the same tests from staging to production and save time in your supervision setup. It is a true DevOps solution.

Passive Monitoring

kapptivate monitoring can collect data from various sources (log files, system metrics, business application…) and aggregate them automatically.

Just install an agent on your servers and you will be able to monitor in real time your activities from a technical to a business point of view. All information are accessible through your custom dashboards.

Key Features

kapptivate monitoring ships with those powerfull features to help you achieve your quality objectives.

24/7 Supervision screen

Follow in real-time in your operation center the status of all your critical services. Access in one click to the error origin.

Flexible Alerting

Create powerfull alerts for your services. Get notified when your services are not available or when performances are impacted.

Passive monitoring

Install an agent on your application servers and start to collect metrics about your system like CPU usage, Memory…

Incredibles Dashboards

Access in real-time to pre-made dashboards or tailor them to your needs using our simple edition interface.

Automatic reporting

Choose to receive automatic reports directly in your mailbox. Share the information accros your teams.

Cross-reference KPI

Aggregate all your KPI from different technologies in a single interface, whatever the technology used.


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    24/7 Service view

    Quickly pintpoint issues origin even in complex environment

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    Speed-up debug

    Find the root cause of issues in no time thanks to detailed reports

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    Improve performance

    Quickly identify performances degradation and solve them

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    Be alerted in no time

    Prevent issue from becoming critical thanks to ultra fast alerting

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    Minimize downtime

    Reduce incidents impact on your customers and partners.

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    Increase user satisfaction

    Less downtime, less issues mean that your user will be happier with your services

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    Display historical views

    Get an historical view of your services over one year.

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    Real time KPI follow-up

    Follow the critical quality KPIs of your services simply.

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    Integrate with existing tools

    Integrate kapptivate monitoring with your existing monitoring stack

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