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The best testing and monitoring platform ever created.


kapptivate was founded in July 2014 by Julien Sabatier and Alexandre Grais. Both were former employees of one of the major telecom operators in the world.

During those years, they worked in the Mobile Banking industry by deploying mobile payment solutions in several countries. kapptivate goals is to help organization from all size to develop and deploy amazing quality software.

kapptivate founders are experienced developers and telecom engineers with a strong expertise in the telecommunication and mobile banking industries.

In 2015, kapptivate deployed it’s kapptivate testing platform in 10 countries with a focus on Mobile Banking testing.

In May 2015, kapptivate joined NUMA, the leading incubator in France, to boost it’s development phase. In December 2015, kapptivate platform was used in 15 countries.

In 2016, kapptivate released it’s kapptivate monitoring platform and added full support to Cellular testing, API testing and Smartphone application testing.


Julien Sabatier – CEO

HEC – Mines Paris

Julien firmly believes that quality and revenue assurance are the key points leading to customer satisfaction and successful business.

Alexandre Grais – CTO

Supélec Paris

Alexandre is passionate about technology and enjoy building great and easy to use products.

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